scilly wrecks

Ship wrecks on the Isles of Scilly. These pics are courtesy of ,IMAG (Islands Maritime Archaeological Group) Team Todd and Carmen Stevens,Phil Roberts,Ed Cummings and Robin Burrows.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Site Plan of Unknown Wreck, Crim Rocks, Isles of Scilly

Here is IMAG’s second draft site plan of an unknown wreck on the Crim to supplement our photographs’
(A newer more accurate one is under way) please ignore the information box as we now know it is incorrect. This wreck in deep water on the western side of the Crim rocks, has been adopted by the Islands' Maritime Archeaological Group (IMAG) through the Nautical Archeaological Society's 'Adopt a Wreck Scheme'. Of over 60 adopted wrecks countrywide, this one is the most westerly of all.
Sea bed evidence currently suggests a wreck of possible eastern Mediterranean origin.
Hopefully viewers will be able to read the numbers on the guns to see where the guns etc featured in the photos are situated on the plan. IMAG Members are: Todd and Carmen Stevens; Robin Burrows; Phil Roberts and Ed Cummings.

Drawing by Todd Stevens.

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